Solar Panels
  Solar Water Pumps


Exporting and supplying of solar products such as Solar Panel, Solar Street lights , Solar Home ligthing, Solar Lantern and other Custom Made solar Products to meet the rapid rise in demand for electricity


Solar panel harvest a sunlight and actively convert it into electricity.

Solar Cells or photovoltaic cells are arranged in a grid-like pattern on the surface of the solar panel. These solar voltaic cells collect sunlight during the daylight hours ,

Solar Water Pump System is designed to use solar-electric power to pump water from natural water sources. Solar water pump systems are used for home or village water supply, irrigation, agriculture, livestock watering, water treatment, and more.

• Reserve Bank of India,Hyderabad -40KW System
• Aparna Constructions - 350KW on their Various Ventures
• St Vincent College of Engg and Technology-70KW
• Nightingale Hospital ,Hyderabad -30KW